Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snapshot, for what it's worth

I am the tough as nails product of an all girls’ school, parents who never called me their little princess, boyfriends who knew I could almost certainly kick their butts. I grew up wrestling with my brother, talking physics with my father, debating religion with my mother, and retreating to the jewelry studio to figure myself out. They call me their changeling; I look like no one but am interested in everything. I am a second wave hippie, third wave feminist, half-Jewish, half-goy atheist, and an inveterate and unrepentant geek. I inhale books on neurology and string theory, economics and evolution, politics and history. I am a babe with a blowtorch, addicted to power tools, with dirt under my nails and cuts on every finger. I am a strange hybrid of left and right brain, paint in my hair and a low cut dress, three books at a time in my injured hand. I am the elephant’s child, full of satiable curtiosity, and I am not ready to settle into a life limited to one dimension. I have too much left to learn.

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