Q. Who are you and what do you study?  

A. My name is Bekka Ross Russell, I am college student, a dual art and academic student, working on one degree in art and one with a Women's Studies Major and a Comparative Religion Minor. Themes of sexuality and religion, unsurprisingly, pop up commonly in my work. I plan to write a thesis paper and present a show presenting a feminist critique of ornamentation throughout history and an exploration of possible ways to reclaim jewelry as a positive.

Q. Do you take commissions?

A. YES. I am happy to take commissions, based on a previous piece, on a particular stone or color, or with a particular theme. That said, depending on the time of year and corresponding workload, turnaround times vary. Usually I try to sit down with the client, finalize sketches, and get a 50% deposit for materials. I have numerous happy customers with commission work as referrals.

Q. What kind of stones do you use? Do you use glass or crystals? Do you use base metals?

A. I use only natural, authentic stones, minerals, and pearls, no glass or synthetic. All jewelry is made out of sterling silver with gold accents. The only base metal in my pieces are nickel pin stems, for strength.

Q. I am allergic to/don't like the metal of the piece shown. Can you reproduce a piece in a different metal? OR I don't have pierced ears. Can you remake this piece?

A. Any earrings can be changed from silver earwire to silver stud or clip-ons for a flat rate of $5. I am happy to switch chains or findings to another metal for the difference in price for the findings plus $5. Anything that requires completely remaking a piece falls under the category of commission.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. You can call or email any time. See the Contact Page for details.