Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feminist Jewelry Collection Part I

Click through to read about these pieces from my collection of feminist jewelry featured in "Gender and Jewelry: A Feminist Analysis."

 "Adam's Soul Echoed Lilith"

"Eve/Mother Tongue"

Presenting: "Gender and Jewelry: A Feminist Analysis"

After several billion years of work, my book "Gender and Jewelry: A Feminist Analysis" is finally available!

Jewelry responds to our most primitive urges, for control, honor, and sex. It is at once the most ancient and most immediate of art forms, one that is defined by its connection and interaction with the body. In this sense it is inescapably political, its meaning bound to the possibilities of the body it lies on. Indeed, the fate of the body is often bound to the jewelry. This book looks at gender and jewelry in order to gain some understanding into how jewelry is constructed by and constructs not just a single society, but human societies. It will explore how societal traditions that have sprung up around jewelry and ornamentation have affected the possibilities available to women across a broad spectrum of social and ethnic circumstances, determining which have served women well and which are constrictive and destructive. It also examines the possibilities for the intentional creation of feminist jewelry, including an overview of the author's own work.

The book includes my own twenty piece collection of feminist jewelry, as well as images of some incredible work by others in the field. I'd love if you'd check it out at Amazon or my Createspace store

Since I'm terrible at this...

Since I've been so bad about keeping my old website updated, I've decided to move over entirely to blog format. I'll repost some of the most important information, and from now on expect to see postings of new jewelry here.