Jewelry Care Tips

Jewelry Care Tips
*Make sure your jewelry isn’t exposed to light and air during storage - this can cause silver to tarnish.
*Don’t jumble your pieces together in a drawer or jewelry case, because your pieces can scratch each other or chip stones
and pearls.
*Be careful around household chemicals, chlorinated or salt water, even dandruff shampoo, as all these things can damage pearls, cause metal to tarnish, and stones to lose their luster.
*To keep your pieces looking their best, lightly wipe them down after wearing them.
*Know your stones! Be careful with pearls and brittle stones like emeralds that can chip easily on impact.
*Use a polishing cloth or toothbrush with mild soap to clean light tarnish off your pieces. For anything more extreme, see your jeweler.
*Have fun and enjoy your new pieces!